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    BLDC Motor For Vacuum Cleaner

    Today, the increasing people are concern about health problems, household cleaning products have become an important product of attention. Household cleaning products have become to improve the living environment and protect the health of the indispensable tools, vacuum cleaners play an important role in cleaning products.


    Most of vacuum cleaners in the market now adopted AC motor or PMDC motor, because the limitation of the carbon brush, AC motor, and PMDC motor get disadvantages of short life, big size, heavyweight, low efficiency, and all these defects will gradually be eliminated by the market.


    Based on the new demands of the vacuum cleaner industry for small size, lightweight, long life and high performance of the motor,

    Power Motor designed an ultra-high-speed(100,000rpm) brushless motor, the motor integrated the motor and wind chamber, adopt high-performance magnetic steel(N42), and turbine blade to realize the higher wind pressure. Besides, brushless motor gets the advantage of long life and easy to control that is helpful to the developer to design a small size multifunction integrated vacuum cleaner.




    Research and develop directly in the future

    1. Improve the efficiency, including motor efficiency and fan blade efficiency.

    2. Improve power density, to make motor smaller and lighter even at high-power.

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