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    2020 Recruitment & Retain Employees Mobilization Meeting

    2020-07-20 13:59:49 49

    On July 7th,Power Motor held the 2020 Recruitment & Retain Employees Mobilization Meeting in the plant.Mr.Kun Yan-The chairman of Power Motor and some main leaders were all delivered important speech at the meeting.

    Mr.Yan pointed out that:Power Motor now is still facing the challenge of Covid-19.Actually,almost all the high-tech enterprises are under high pressure of current environment.Even so,our orders did not decreased but increased in 2020. It is  inseparable of unity from the top and bottom and our core competetiveness-R&D and production capabilities,quality control and after services.In order to further increase investment in technological innovation and ensure orders and shipments unaffected during the Covid-19 period, Power Motor hopes to recruit more talent people and retain our own loyal employees at the same time,we also want to create more jobs to society.


    Mr.Yan said:At present,the healthy and healthy development of us has won more high-quality customers and the overall peak period for orders. It is expected that our orders will be presented "explosive growth" in the second half of the year.To serve customers well and complete orders well, all of us should work together, overcome difficulties, take responsibility, and move forward, taking the solution of human resource needs as the first priority and working together to meet human demand.

    Power Motor should now enter the "combat readiness",quickly complete human resource preparations and improve production efficiency ,strengthen quality management,to ensure that the order delivery on time,we must provide high efficiency sevice and high quality procucts to our customers; for internal operation management, Mr. Yan further encourages all employees continuously improve cost awareness, optimize cost control, and improve company efficiency through throttling.Power Motor will invest the economic benefits obtained through throttling to enrich employee benefits and improve employee salary levels.

    Mr.Xiong-The factory director of Power Motor made a mobilization speech:Firstly, he introduced the current employment situation to all employees. Currently, affected by the Covid-19, a considerable number of companies are still shutdown.On the contrary,our order and labor demand increased.It is proves that Power Motor is undoubtedly a very high-quality company,everyone can get work and salary here,without any concern about lose job.We hope that all of our employees cherish this opportunities and work at Power Motor with peace of mind;Secondly,Mr.xiong requested for the orders delivery task we are facing.Now Power Motor's production efficiency has improved significantly,a few production lines have reached and exceeded 100%, but there are also a few production lines are still under the efficiency standard and climb slowly.We are now facing heavy orders and tight deadlines, all employees should work together to actively recommend people for Power Motor and provide sufficient manpower for the completion of production tasks,ensure all employees complete the production task on time, ensure quality, and deliver on time;Thirdly,pay attention to the environmental construction of the entire family. Power Motor continuously to improve the canteen, dormitory, and workshop environment to create a comfort working and living environment for all employees.We hope that all employees will take care of the working and living environment of the big family.


    Ruzhu You-The director of quality control department analyzed the Power Motor's quality management status and proposed targeted improvements: At present, Power Motor has made significant improvements in improving quality yield, reducing scrap, reducing bad losses, and controlling quality costs. In particular, the manpower of refurbishment team has greatly reduced and the defective rate also decreased.We are so pleased that all the employees now are paying attention to quality control, but the quality improvement and customer service work are endless, especially our customers are mostly international First-line brands, customers put forward higher requirements and standards for our quality and related quality production, technology, equipment,and management. Some large customers even clearly require us to ensure the quality management work,so we must achieve a high-quality accomplishment and habit. We must comply with customer needs and standards,continue to improve,to enhance quality awareness, and engage in production, inspection, feedback, and control in strict accordance with quality requirements. Strictly put an end to illegal operations, strictly control the cost of scrapping, continuously reduce customer complaints, and win the trust of customers with excellent quality.


    Mr.Ding Huang-The Senior Manager production department required all employees of the production department to understand the spirit of our leadership and implement them in actual work. It is emphasized that all workshop employees should closely unite around the workshop supervisor and work together to complete the production work,improve efficiency, control costs, focus on quality, ensure production and delivery; in addition. Further,we will make a face-to-face commitment to the management of workshop personnel and all employees, wherever the workshop manager scolds others and deals with the immediate interests of the employees is unfair and does not follow regarding rules and regulations management, rough management and other phenomena, employees can report to the department manager directly, and the production department will safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees and handle them impartially.


    Mr.Houxian Zhou-The director manager of Personnel Department expressed clearly that Power Motor insist people-oriented, and will effectively safeguard and realize the fundamental interests of all employees. Managers at all levels should practice the "three alls" in employees management-All for employees, for employees all and for all employees,retain people staring from paying attention to the needs of employees and helping employees solve problems; the mobilization speech is summarized as "three items": one is to anounce a policy, one is make a promise,and the last one is clear communication principle.


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