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    DC Gearbox Motor For Garage Door

    Electric garage door is a common door in daily life and work. Electric and intelligent door brings more convenience to our life.


    Power Motor designed a PMDC gearbox motor-PGM.W072M0078 for the electric garage door which equipped with worm and helical gear. It outputs low speed and high torque to control the up and down movement of the rolling gate. The Hall sensor is installed inside the motor to provide rototion and speed signals to facilitate electronic control of the electric door system.


    DC Gear Motor for electric door system gets the characteristics of simple speed regulation, high output torque, stable and reliable operation. DC motor gets simple structure, and the manufacturing process is mature, so if we chose DC Motor for electric garage door is a good way to reduce the cost.


    Power Motor optimizes the internal structure of the DC motor to keep the motor running smoothly at low speed. Moreover, when an abnormally large torque may occur during the operation, the motor can cooperate to output high torque to ensure the rolling gate even is partially blocked, the motor still gets a large output torque to complete the opening and closing movement of the electric door.

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