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    SCR speed regulation technology of AC motor

    2020-11-12 15:20:03 45

    1. Market overview of motors

     In recent years, brushless DC motors have replaced DC brushed motors. The brushless DC motor uses electronic components to replace the traditional carbon brush commutation, which will solve the shortcomings of the brush motor. Because brushless motors do not have carbon brushes, they have very little noise during the work process. That will highlight their advantages in quiet places such as hospitals, schools, banks, etc. Brushless motors will have no sparks when they work without carbon brushes, which makes Brushless DC motors show their talents in some flammable and explosive occasions, one more important thing is long life, because the friction of the carbon brush of the brush motor will make the carbon brush easy to damage, and the life of the brushless motor will be longer than the brushed. The life of the motor is much longer because the brushless motor uses the induction of the magnetic field without substantial contact, so the speed of the brushless motor is faster.

    2. Market pain points

    Brushless DC motors also have their corresponding shortcomings. Brushless DC motors must be equipped with a corresponding DC motor speed regulator to work. This will increase the cost of work, but the commutator will The cost is much higher than that of carbon brushes.

    3. In response to market demand and pain points, Power Motor provides solutions and results

    Based on solving the problems of existing motors, Power Motor Company designed an SCR speed-regulating motor to fill the market demand. The SCR speed control motor is an AC motor that uses a bidirectional thyristor to turn off to control the speed. The SCR speed control motor has the function of speed control and speed feedback with the DC brushless motor. Relative to DC brushless motor: The SCR speed control motor controls the speed of the motor by controlling a bidirectional thyristor to turn off. Therefore, the cost of the SCR speed control motor is much lower than that of the DC brushless motor; relative to the DC brushless motor: the SCR speed control motor has speed regulation and speed stabilization functions. Therefore, SCR speed control motor is more cost-effective than other motors.


    4. Future prototype planning and optimization in this field

    Based on existing technology, the motor is designed with complete functions, higher cost performance, and easier mass production. Power Motor has nearly 20 years of experience in motor customization engineering, accumulated large motor sample database for reference, quickly according to customer needs to custom a motor solution meet or exceed customer demand.  More information on the  electric motor controller technology, Please contact our sales engineer.(Skype/Email:info.power@power-motor.com)

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