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    Power Motor & 2020 SMTCE

    2020-11-03 15:02:54 38

    The 25th China (International) Small Motor Technology Conference & Exhibition (SMTCE) will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from 2 to 4 November 2020.This exhibition is a professional event of small motor technology in the world, attracting many well-known domestic and foreign motor manufacturers and upstream and downstream related enterprises to participate. Power Motor as a global reliable electric motor supplier and manufacturer, exhibited multiple areas of high performance motor solution: the new automotive seat adjustment motors, compact hair dryer motors, flat blender motors,DC motors for logistics and agriculture automation, helping the global enterprises to solve the problem in the electric motor efficiently, providing innovative directions for solving the electric motor problems: energy-saving and efficient, low noise, long life, intelligent control, miniaturization and high power density, attracted a lot of attention and consulting.

    2020 SMTCE

    With new breakthroughs in the fields of 3D printing, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, bioengineering, new energy and new materials, consumer demand for intelligent household appliances, automotive comfort and industrial and commercial automation is increasing. It makes electric motor has brought new growth points. Our motor customized engineering platform  can quickly analyze customer needs, and select reference schemes consistent with or similar to customer needs from one million kinds of motor application data to build solutions that meet customer needs. Short cycle, high cost performance!

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